Ups and Downs for the Afghan Women’s Cycling Team

From Bicycling Magazine:

“Not even a Nobel Peace Prize nomination could protect Afghanistan’s national women’s cycling team from mismanagement and corruption. Women’s rights advocate Shannon Galpin has been a consistent and vocal advocate for the team since 2013, raising more than $200,000 in cash and cycling equipment through her advocacy organization Mountain2Mountain, but she revoked her support” in the spring citing alleged mismanagement and misogyny.

“Supporters like Galpin may have lost faith in the system that these women must ride in, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost faith in the women themselves. Galpin is in the process of securing one-year visas for a few of the women so they can train in Boulder, Colorado.

‘I will absolutely return to Afghanistan to meet with the women,’ says Galpin. ‘And I will absolutely continue to support them, we all will. We just need to get more creative about how we’re going to do that going forward.’


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